Ticket Support system added

Good day all,
To offer a better service for website design and computer support, I have added a new Support Ticket service. If you have had a website designed by me, and would like to make a change, add some data, etc, or if you have a computer issue, and would like me to look into it, you can go to Request Support and open a ticket.

Please note that changes to websites take time, and do not come for free. Once you open a ticket, I will make an estimate on how long it might take and what I expect the price to be, if you agree to this, I will go ahead and apply the changes. The price that you agreed to is an ESTIMATE, and if the changes take longer or shorter than expected, this price can change. Although if the time difference is shorter than 15 minutes up or down, I will not change the final price. You will then receive an invoice via PayPal in your e-mail once the changes have been implemented.

To use the ticket system, please note that you must first register an account. Then you can proceed to and open a ticket. I receive a notification as soon as the ticket is made, and can normally respond in a quick fashion.