Hosted Antivirus

The internet can be a scary place. Hackers trying to steal customer data, ransomware in constant circulation trying to deny you access to your file until you pay a “ransom” to get them back, and hundreds of different malware, viruses and other things trying to infect your computers, tablets and telephones. Make sure that your business is protected and locked up tight.

With hosted Antivirus from BitDefender, your computer(s), servers and devices will be protected by enterprise level antivirus which contains a personal firewall, mail scanning and top level antivirus protection that doesn’t clog up your computer.

What does the Bitdefender come with?

Basic Package comes with the following:

Cloud Security for MSP
includes a fully-featured two-way firewall with Intrusion Detection to
protect endpoints against potential attacks while inside or outside the

Bitdefender Advanced Anti-Exploit detects
unknown file-based or file-less (memory only) exploits by focusing on the
attack techniques and using behavioral technologies instead of signatures
of known exploits

Bitdefender Process Inspector continuously
monitors running process for signs of malicious behavior and can block,
based on behavior, advanced attacks that have eluded other prevention

Block or restrict user access to potentially
malicious websites or use categories and schedules to reduce the attack
surface and improve productivity

Device Control allows admins to block or
restrict access to certain attachable devices, such as USBs, mitigating
the risks of malware being introduced via these devices

Essential in blocking web-borne attacks, web
filtering lets admins block known phishing or other malicious websites and
scan unknown URLs, including HTTPS, to identify potential threats


$2.50 per device with monitoring included

  • One-time Remote assistance: $30 – Only occurs when an incident requires follow-up 

Prices are per license per month. If you opt to pay yearly, you pay for 10 months and get the last 2 months free.

    Above 10 licenses is considered bulk and will receives a special rate.

    Monthly with Paypal*Yearly by Wire Transfer**Yearly with Paypal*
    Credit card payments can be done via PayPal.
    *If paypal is chosen, you will receive two emails. First with your personalized quote and, once agreed, a second email from Paypal with the invoice. This is a recurring invoice and will be sent 10 days prior to renewal if chosen for monthly payments or 1 month prior to renewal if chosen for yearly payments.
    **If Wire transfer is chosen, only available for yearly payments, you will receive an email with your personalized quote and instructions on how to make the payment. This is a recurring invoice and will be sent yearly, 1 month prior to renewal.

    You will receive a control panel login where you can add and remove licenses for your business and/or personal use. If you choose yearly payment and add more licenses, you will receive a separate invoice for the new license(s) for the remainder of your payment option. Licenses are billed on a monthly basis, and will be billed for a license whether it is active for 1 day that month or the entire month.

    Cancellation of your contract can take place by either reducing your licenses to zero (0) or by mailing and cancelling your contract.