Shipping and Delivery Policy

As JW Web Services only offers services and online products, all deliveries will take place via digital communication. Please do take note of the following important notices:

Passwords are always sent using a One-time Secret password. These links are valid for 7 days, and are immediately destroyed upon opening. You are responsible for making note of your password upon opening the link, as the link will not work a second time. Should you lose your password, or does the link not work for you, a new password may be generated and sent using the same methods. Please note that this is not a free service. Lost passwords and the generation of a new password will result in a $10/€9 fee.

Upon delivery of website, server, mail account, etc. you are, from that moment, responsible for the upkeep and management of the product. JW Web Services does include a 6 month management package included with delivery of said product(s), and a separate management package can be added to your product for a monthly/yearly fee. Only valid for websites and servers. Without this management package, the responsibility of updating, keeping secure, fixing in event of downtime, etc. is yours or someone that you can have to manage it for you. Upon delivery, and after the initial 6 month complementary management from JW Web Services, any damages incurred are your responsibility.

  • One-time costs of updates/issues: $40/€38 per hour, rounded to nearest 15 minutes
  • Website management p/month: $10/€9        p/year: $80/€75
  • Server management p/month: $20/€19         p/year: $160/€150
  • Website/server monitoring and alerts (included in management package, but can be purchased separately if you don’t want a full management package): One-time set up fee of $25/€24
  • Website monitoring can also be done for free using:

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at any time at:

JW Web Services,