Website Management

Let us handle WordPress updates, performance, security and vulnerability issues for your website. No hassle for you.

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Daily Updates

Daily scans of updates to plugins, themes and even WordPress upgrades. Constant updates mean your website remains secure from outside threats.

Premium upgrades available

Automated daily scans, Backups, SEO monitoring and ranking monitor, Link monitoring of dead links and even an Uptime Monitor. Each upgrade is separately available or as a combined package.

Weekly Vulnerability Scans

Weekly scans of malware, viruses and website or plugin vulnerabilities. Ensuring the security of your website means your customers' data is safe.

Weekly or Monthly Reports

Your weekly report will include Website Performance, Google Analytics data, update data and reports of vulnerability scans. All delivered either weekly or monthly to your email.

"JW Web Services managed my website for the last 6 years. Very quick to respond to website issues. 5 star service"
Vicky Bonalair


Basic Package includes:

Premium Package includes:

How to sign up:

    Basic - $10 p/m or $800 p/yPremium - $20 p/m or $ 160 p/y


    Please make note of the following: With the Website Management Package, we do not make any changes to your website. This package is only for maintaining your website. Premium Themes and plugins can not be maintained with our service unless your licensing is up to date. If your websites have any premium licenses, please inform us when we contact you so that we can monitor it. Failure to do so can result in outdated premium themes or plugins, allowing your website to become vulnerable.