New Store online

Our new online store for domains and hosting is now online! Go and check it out by heading to our store. You can register your own domains, attach them to hosting, email services by Gmail and other providers, and even get your own cloud Virtual Servers. Payments are processed by Paypal and accepts iDeal, credit card and paypal payments.

Any domain you might need, from our very own .Sx domain, .fr domain if you are on the French side of the island, and many more. Promote that you are hosting an online store by getting the .store domain.

If managing your own domain or hosting seems too challenging, feel free to reach out to us by email or by using the chat/call function to the bottom of the page. We offer management of your domain and even offer package deals when purchased together with a .sx domain. So head on over to our store and get your or your business’s online presence started today!