Mail Server on own VPS – Self Managed


Complete mail server installed, tested and delivered to you for your business or personal use. The mail server can be configured to host all of your users for your business, or multiple domains for your various businesses.

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Custom made Mail server:

Please note, you must provide VPS Server access. If you do not have a VPS, one can be recommended based on location preference and user numbers and/or storage requirements.

Server is supplied with:

  • Postfix (Mail Transfer Agent)
  • Dovecot (IMAP/POP server)
  • Web server for Webmail and Postfix.admin (email administration)
  • Database server (for email users and passwords)
  • Postfix.admin (email administration)
  • Spamassassin (spam filtering and protection)
  • ClamAV (Antivirus scanning of mails)
  • Postgrey (Extra protection from spam)
  • Fail2Ban (intrusion detection and protection)
  • General Blacklist and Whitelist inclusions
  • Roundcube or Squirrelmail (Webmail)
  • SSL Certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt (free)

Once mail server has been completed and handed over, you are responsible for managing updates and technical issues. If you prefer a managed solution, please check out our Mail server Managed.


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